The Best Ways to Spoil Your Dog

People own dogs for various reasons, but the number one reason why is the companionship that their dog gives without wanting anything back. Dog owners love to spoil their pets and there are several ways to do so. By spoiling your dog, you not only end up with a committed companion and best friend but also a happy pet.

Many believe that if they spoil the dog that their dog will no longer follow their training. This is untrue; it is quite the opposite as the more attention and spoiling the dog receives, the more the dog will want to do good for you. It truly is a win-win situation when it comes to spoiling the dog that protects you, loves you unconditionally, and wants to please you.

You may wonder what the best way to spoil your dog is; the answer is not just one single way. In fact, there are so many ways that you will be surprised and to make it even easier you can spoil your dog without spending money. Petting, talking to, treating the dog as if they are a part of the family is free and the number one way of spoiling your dog. Your dog knows you and others in the home are going to care for them, and they look forward to it as they remember loving gestures.

Other ways of spoiling your dog includes lots of walks whether long or short. Your dog will not care; it gives them the chance to stretch, be happy, and get out of the home. Also do things such as giving your dog comfort on cold nights, giving them a blanket or bed to lie in. Increasing the exercise they get on a daily basis, which could be longer walks, or playing with them with a ball, Frisbee, and even an old sock tied in knots, using the sock to play tug of war with the dog.

Letting your dog cuddle up to you even if the dog is big (and for some reason the larger the dog the more they believe they are lap dogs). Most importantly, a dog wants their owner’s approval and love and by adding, just these few simple examples on how to spoil your dog will let the dog know that you love them and they do have your approval.