It’s Gone To The Dogs

As of lately serious pet owners, especially dog owners have decided to go above and beyond to pamper their pooches. People have been spending more money and more time with their furry friends. Luxury isn’t just for humans; dogs love a day at the “doggie spas.” As if a full day of grooming, delicious treats, and being pampered couldn’t get any better, our dogs get to come home to spend even more relaxing time sprawled out in a huge over-stuffed pet bed. Then it’s a full day of playing with toys and being loved by amazing owners. Who said a dog’s life wasn’t awesome?

It is true that our furry friend only want love in return for loyalty, but who doesn’t like being spoiled? Dogs are simple. All they need are a yard to play, fresh grass to roll in, dirt to dig, a tree for shade, a cold bowl of water, and one of those bright green tennis balls. (Oh my goodness, my dog is drooling beside me as I am proof reading out loud.) The trend is to go above and beyond this.

Dog clothing is trending and decked out collars with a bit of bling. How about a studded for the more masculine K9s? Also, treats from dog bakeries are becoming super popular. These treats are healthier for the dogs, but are also a bit more costly. Fortunately, it’s not by much. When you take a look into these gourmet treats it will be so hard not to buy. There will be an assortment or different colors and shapes and flavors that even you may be drooling and thinking why they couldn’t be for you.

Nowadays dogs have it so good. Who wouldn’t want to spoil their best friend? With everything offered for your pet it is difficult to not get them something nice. Looking at all the opportunity for your pet, it seems it has all gone to the dogs.